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This company tells their "1099 agents" that they can write with many companies. They neglect to tell you that if you don't have 100/300/100 on the autos and the home in perfect condition that you cant write it or your commission will be cut to about 5% They are ruthless liars and you will no longer own "your" book of business if you sign with them.

They are heartless legal thieves and they have stolen over $100,000 in my commissions from me.

Thaey kept about 1/2 of my life/health commissions when you can go straight to Network Insurance in FL and double your commissions.

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Dallas, Texas, United States #801197

As an ex-employee of this company. I know for fact that this is true.

The company has individuals that make the big decisions regarding the company called "partners" these partners are in constant arguments, power struggles and manipulation to get what they want. They charge 3-5000 to gain access to their systems then the agent is required to pay 2-300/month to continue to be able to write with their companies.

They have strict policies that they force you to follow and then if you stand up for yourself they take the company away. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

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